The Whale feast of Midwinter

For two-three months in mid-winter, the fjords teem with life. In recent years, a large number of humpback and killer whales migrated to the fjords of Northern Norway. What is attracting whales in along the coast?

In autumn, Norwegian spring-spawning herring travel to the area surrounding northern Troms and western Finnmark, where they save their energy before moving further south again to spawn. Before, during and after Christmas, it is time to feast. Orcas hunt in groups; they encircle the shoal, striking the fish with their tails. They then enter the shoal one after the other and tuck in to lunch.

Every year, humpback whales make their way up from the warm waters of the Caribbean. Watching the humpbacks hunting can be a memory for life.  The whales take in hundreds of herring at once, jumping above the surface and filtering out the seawater. Maybe this year or in five-ten years, the herring will move somewhere else. So, while we still can, let’s enjoy this incredible natural spectacle.