I have devoted the past 10 years to the study of nature and film. Living in and exploring far-flung corners of the globe has opened my eyes to the diversity of our planet. In my quest to find a medium that would allow me to tell the stories of nature that had fascinated me since childhood, I began my career as a wildlife photographer, publishing several works of photojournalism in different international magazines. I was also shortlisted as a finalist in numerous international photography competitions, such as Nikon Spain, National Geographic Italia, Photo Montier of France, Nature Namur of Belgium. These years looking at nature through a lens made me aware of the complexities of the nature world and taught me how to effectively use technical equipment in the field.

Just as ecosystems naturally evolve over time, my career pathway has been far from static. During the past three years, I have moved away from wildlife photography and begun to specialise in creating videos and documentaries. Moving to the Norwegian Arctic is undoubtedly what sparked this change in direction. Inspired and determined, I found myself in a fertile environment to learn, improve and perfect my video production skills. Moreover, I also started to include a social element in my work. My focus shifted from representing nature itself to creating a space for local people to talk about their interactions with nature. Up here in the Arctic, the powerful and harsh landscapes made for a poignant backdrop to the stories of its inhabitants. After receiving funding and sponsorship from Tromsø-based organisation, I directed two short documentaries over the past two winters. I also created a series of short videos for Visit Northern Norway, each one featuring the perspective of a different local person, including a fisherman, a graffiti artist, a yoga teacher, a musher, and a break-dancer amongst others. Thanks to this exposure, I was invited twice to guest on the Geo programme on national Italian TV and showcase my works.

As the years have passed, I have become more and more engaged in exploring different fields and combining contrasting art forms. In 2019, this passion led me to write an autobiographical narrative of my experience living in the Atlantic Forest of South America, culminating in a book entitled Iguazù, alla scoperta della foresta atlantica [Iguazù: Discovering the Atlantic Forest]. Right now, I’m working on the next step in my career: making a full-length documentary in Northern Norway, presenting the behaviour of local wildlife and people during the challenges of the polar night.

email:  ismaele.tortella@gmail.com